Feilding Intermediate School


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Feilding Intermediate School, Feilding, Manawatu, is an innovative friendly school where pupils, staff and caregivers feel a welcoming proud spirit. Academic excellence with associated social and physical development are the unifying themes for our staff.

Our education includes four interest centres that will help focus on student strengths and make better use of teacher strengths including:

  1. Motuhaketanga (Building Independence through Science and Problem Solving)
  2. Hauora (Health / PE)
  3. Nga Toi (The Arts)
  4. Taumata (Academic Strength)



Feilding Intermediate Vision:

We want to ensure that all students will participate in a variety of experiences designed to recognise their uniqueness as well as promote academic, social and cultural development.

  • Our students will take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour and develop high standards of effort and achievement.
  • Our students will have respect for themselves, others, the environment and a sense of pride in the school.
  • We will provide a full range of technological experiences that encourage the development of life skills and the development of safe practises in all these areas.
  • We will be a school which is a fair and equitable place to learn.

ERO COMMENT….. A broad and inclusive school curriculum provides opportunity for diverse learners to be challenged, learn in context that match their interests and achieve success…..