Feilding Intermediate has a full time technology team offering students practical knowledge and skills as they develop models, products and systems in hard materials, food technology, visual art and fabric.

Knowledge and skills in technology are learned in context together with other curriculum areas including Literacy and Numeracy. Graphics and other forms of visual representation offer important tools for exploration and communication. Adaptation and innovation are at the heart of the technological practice.

STEM - Hangarau Matihiko

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education.
Technology is an integral part of our students future, so it is vital that our students get taught it so they are well prepared for their futures.

We will develop core skills, knowledge, and understanding in specific areas (Electronics, Science, Coding and Robotics) through a structured programme.
Over the next year we will be developing our Digital Technologies curriculum which covers two key areas, computational thinking and designing and developing digital outcomes. We have made a significant investment in our STEM programme and children have access to innovation equipment.

Hard Materials - Hangarau mārō

Hard Materials focuses on the development of practical skills as well as developing products that are fit for a purpose. Students learn to think through problems and engage with others (stakeholders) to find solutions.

Food - Hangarau kai

Children develop real life practical skills in the food technology suite. This includes safety, hygiene, budgeting, planning, creating and preparing foods. Children learn to cook practical everyday foods on a budget to more creative and innovative experimentation.

Visual Arts - Toi Ataata

The Visual Arts programme focuses on the development of skills and knowledge in preparation for future creative studies. Students engage in tasks that are diverse in context and media. Self expression is encouraged through student agency and class collaboration.

Fabric - Hangarau papahune

A creative space where students learn skills to design and make products that are fit for a purpose. Working through the technology process, encouraging independence and problem solving.